Vaccine Industry Reaches Point of DESPERATION (Video)

Tuesday, November 14, 2017 by

The vaccine industry is running a desperate propaganda / brainwashing campaign to try to distract people from the truth that vaccines harm and kill children.

Podcast Transcript: “Well, the vaccine industry has reached a point of desperation, because they are losing the narrative now. There are so many people interested in vaccine ingredients, vaccine side-effects and why so many children are harmed by vaccines that the vaccine industry has now resorted to desperate propaganda campaigns. For example, they pay Marvel to put pro vaccine propaganda into the superhero TV show scripts. They pay comedians – the CDC pays comedians – to make fun of people who oppose mandatory vaccines with using nasty jokes and so on. The vaccine industry runs a number of front groups that pretend to be groups run by moms or whatever, they’re actually just front groups and in truth they are all about discrediting the real science that is working to expose many of the problems with vaccines – you know some of the risks. So, they’re really resorting to incredible desperation and that’s because all it takes for people to lose faith in vaccines is for people to read the vaccine insert sheets themselves. I’ve posted many stories on that show the vaccine insert sheets. On those sheets it often admits that this vaccine has never been scientifically tested in any placebo controlled study and its effectiveness has never been proven…” Listen to the full podcast below:


Vaccine industry reaches point of DESPERATION from NaturalNews on Vimeo.


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