Things You Don’t Know About COPS (Video)

Thursday, January 11, 2018 by

The Health Ranger explains some things you probably didn’t know about cops and why you may need to solve your own problem, long before the cops arrive.

Podcast Transcript: “This podcast is about some things you don’t know about cops. You might wonder how do I know about cops. I gotta say I am around cops a lot. Former cops, active cops, former FBI, former – well always a Marine. Marines but no longer active-duty soldiers. The reason is because, and I’ve mentioned this before – it’s not a secret or anything – I do a lot of training in firearms, tactical firearms, handgun combat training, rifle combat training, self-defense, concealed carry, long-range target shooting… lots of things. As a result, I am around a lot of cops in a lot of different circumstances. I interact with a lot of cops. There are some things I want to share with you, because you might not have this perspective. Cops get a bad rap in society today. Especially with the whole black lives matter movement always attacking cops, unfairly for the most part. By the way, I’m sure there are a few bad apples in law enforcement just like there are in any realm of society, in corporations, in politics, in banking what-have-you. There’s always some power-hungry ass hat who’s out there abusing their power. So, that’s to be expected in any organization, but cops, generally speaking, cops are great people. In fact, they’re under-appreciated and they put their lives on the line for crap wages…” Listen to the full podcast below:

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Things you don’t know about COPS from NaturalNews on Vimeo.


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