Health Freedom: Michael Snyder Running for Congress (Video)

Wednesday, January 31, 2018 by

Health freedom advocate Michael Snyder is running for Congress!

He needs your support:

Watch the interview with Michael Synder here.

Or listen to the interview below.

Podcast Transcript: “Welcome, everyone. Today, we have a special treat. We have Michael Synder here, in the studio in Austin, Tx. This is Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, of Natural News. I’ve admired the work of Michael Synder for many years. He’s been one of the most prolific and observant writers of Liberty, Conservatism and really just sort of exposing the problems of corruption in government for many years. He’s done that at his website – which we have quoted probably hundreds of times. Now, he’s running for congress in Idaho, and he has a good shot of winning it. He needs your support. He’s here to tell us why you should support his campaign, and what he’s going to do if he wins and goes to Washington D.C. to help drain the swamp – or however he says it. Welcome Michael. It’s great to have you in the studio…” Listen to the full podcast below:


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