If You HATE Donald Trump, You’ll Want to Hear This (Video)

Friday, February 02, 2018 by

The more you hate Donald Trump, the more you’ll want to hear this explanation that just might blow your mind…

Podcast Transcript: “If you hate Donald Trump you really want to listen to this, because I’m sure you’ll agree that if you hate somebody, you want to make sure that your hatred is rooted in things that are real. You’ve got reasons that you hate Trump and I’m gonna help you think through some of that, just to make sure that you’re solid with the reasons that you do hate Trump. By the way, just to back up before this, I’ve never seen a more emotional reaction to any president ever. Well, I don’t know it was pretty bad against Bush I suppose, but this is worse with Trump in the terms of how much hatred people have against him. So, I kind of want to help people think through all of that. So, let’s start with the fact that most people who hate Trump have never met Trump in person. Would you agree with that? Most people haven’t been hanging around with Donald Trump? They didn’t know him professionally and so on… The half of America that hates Donald Trump, generally speaking, never met him. If that’s the case, then by definition people who hate Donald Trump have to get their opinions of him from someone else. In other words, if you’ve never met the man you’re relying on other people’s views and other people’s reporting in order to form your own opinion. Does that make sense? I think we could all agree on that. It’s simple logic, right? So, then you got to ask yourself ‘well, what are your sources of information?’ For most people who hate Trump, their sources of information are of course the Democrat-controlled media…” Listen to the full podcast:

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If you HATE Donald Trump, you’ll want to hear this from NaturalNews on Vimeo.


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